Windows 8, Larousse and “proud to be a developer” !


The Windows 8 consumer preview is out !

You can find a lot of information and download links on this page :

I am not used to speak about the apps I work on but this time I have too!

It’s several weeks now that I work on the ‘Larousse illustré’ version for Windows 8. You can now find it on the windows store (french version only).

It was a really nice experience with great people involved and I am lucky that my company (Infinite Square) let me be a part of such a great project !

The app is build with HTML 5 and Javascript. These are new technologies for me too…(even the spellchecker highlight the word !) I can just tell one thing about it : it rocks !

Now, let’s speak about the app !

Our goal was to create the best user experience when using the dictionary and to provide the users a way to quickly find a word from anywhere.

The home screen let the user choice between several universe : dictionary, atlas, thesaurus, media, biographies, etc. Also, a random word is displayed and let you discover new words easily 🙂 !

The dictionary display the words in a really nice way : in a “no-limit flow”. Each word is displayed with a little summary including images and you can tap on a word to display its full definition.

You can feel lost in all these words so we implemented a semantic zoom which let the user jump to a “range of words”.

The full definition of a word is displayed in an horizontal panning view. No need to wait for the data to load, no need to choose between sections : all is here, ready to be consumed by the user ! There is a lot of content available : definition, conjugaison, homonymes, synonymes, expressions, media, etc.

If you tap a word on the definition, you are headed to its definition.

The app is, of course, fully integrated with the system and you can search from the charm. The app suggest you words and you are redirected directly to the chosen one !

Finally, as this is a windows 8 application, we have to support the “snap” mode and we did it! The user experience is as great and all the content available.

I am really enthusiast to be able to share what I consider as a really great app with you all. These screen-shots are just a teaser and I really incite you to download windows 8 and then to try the app !

If you enjoy it, don’t hesitate to share it around to your friends !

Finally, I would like to thanks everyone with which I work(ed) on this project (David, Philippe, Vincent, Vivien, Florent, Patrice, Thomas, Simon, Noëmie, Daphné, etc.) 🙂


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