3D and Azure : yes we can ! (Help me win a Nokia Lumia !)

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Pink is beautiful !In the past, I played a lot with 3D inside WPF.

A few days ago, I discovered something awesome : using the power of the Cloud to create beautiful 3D scene.

(This is also a part of a contest and you can help me win by liking this two pictures : one and two.

Everything started from a post of David Catuhe (@DeltaKosh).This post explained how to create your own ray tracer and pushing it into azure.

This is in fact really easy and well explained in the post.

It turned out that David is also a really cool guy and that he had Xbox and Nokia Lumia to offer. So he created a contest to find the most beautiful 3D scene created with his tool. The idea is simple: push your own raytracer into the cloud, create a 3D scene and display it on the contest page. Then the one with the more Facebook’s like will win.

I personnaly played and if you want to vote for me, just use this link : http://raytracercontest.cloudapp.net/?p=227.

You can also vote for this beautiful logo (which is in fact the one of my company): http://raytracercontest.cloudapp.net/?p=278.

Thank you by advance for your votes !


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