AppHub Tracker : track your wp7 apps from your phone !


Do you have a lot of windows phone apps ?

Are you always checking the AppHub when you release a new version, wondering if it’s ok to release it ?

Are you always asking yourself “do I have a bug and a bad review” ?

Do you need to know how much is downloaded your app several times a day ?

If yes, you are AppHub addict like me ! Let’s discover an app which will soon be your favorite one !

I am addicted to the AppHub too and I hate to check the AppHub from my Mango’s internet explorer because it’s sloooowwww.

I so decided to create an app which will do the data gathering for me. It’s name is “AppHub Tracker” and it’s already available on all the market place.

All the symptoms above are healed with these features :

  • List all the apps of your AppHub account
  • Display the lifecycle status (approved, approval pending, published) of your apps
  • Display any “warning message” from the AppHub
  • Display the number of downloads of an app
  • Display the reviews of any market place country
  • Display the number of crashes of an app
  • Display (and ready for copy-cut) the deeplink of an app

Try it now !

Did you try it ? Do you need some extra features ? Just tell me in the comments 🙂

And here are some screenshots :


3 Responses

  1. JIm

    25/04/2012 16 h 33 min

    very useful why to sell it ?! Seriously, are you really the kind of guy who write an app for money? I thought you were such a great technical guy sharing his knowledge like Guthrie or others… I'm sad :'(

    • jmix90

      25/04/2012 17 h 13 min

      Thank you for visiting my blog !

      I am sad that you find the app useless and not even worth the price of a beer 🙁

      I am not writing the app for money but because I find it useful.

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