My old blog is still online

My old blog is located at

It’s URL was hard to remember and it’s design made it hard to read so I moved it here.

Here is a list of all the posts I published on it:

  1. Amazing WPF Controls / JetPack Theme updated !
  2. [UPDATED] How to call the method from the base of the base of the current class ? (base.base.MyMethod)
  3.  What ? Dynamic resources creates Memory leaks in WPF 3.5 (SP1) ???
  4.  UIAutomation, Coded UI tests, AutomationPeer and WPF/silverlight custom controls
  5. [Announcement] : Live Meeting in French about WPF 4.0 and Multitouch.
  6. News, news and news !
  7. [RIA Services] Why the client extended entities won’t use the default backing store value ? EDITED
  8. VS Tip : how to locate the active document in the solution explorer using a shortcut
  9. Introducing the amazing WPF controls library on Codeplex !
  10. How to create an hand writing to text control (ink recognizer)
  11. [RIA Services] How to force the validation of my entities (and just the validation !)
  12. Migrate the Jetpack theme from Silverlight to WPF
  13. How to create your own control library (how-to + tips)
  14. WPF tip : How can I use static/dynamic resources in my tests
  15. Quick tip : My WPF Fullscreen window still display a border on right and bottom side… how to remove them
  16. How to create an animated expander
  17. UserControl/Control : how to get a reference to an element of the template
  18. .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications Development
  19. Execute a command on a specified control when clicking on a button
  20.  to the selected items of a ListBox (or an another items controls)
  21. [Performance tips] Use the system shadows instead of your own
  22. Freeze brushes directly in the XAML to improve your application’s performances
  23. Simple properties Mapper by reflection : stop copying manually each property of your objects !
  24. Binding on a Property which is not a DependencyProperty
  25. French WPF community
  26. MVVM – Creating ViewModel : create dynamic proxies with Castle (solution 3 of n)
  27. MVVM – Creating ViewModel : create dynamic proxies with Castle (solution 3 of n)
  28. MVVM – Creating ViewModel tutorial
  29. Sync framework – choose your primary keys type carefully
  30. MVVM – How to integrate the Office Ribbon respecting the pattern (especially the commands)
  31. New RSS feed.
  32. MVVM : How to keep collections of ViewModel and Model in sync
  33. MVVM – Creating ViewModel : use XAML Power Toys (solution 2 of n).
  34. DependencyProperties or INotifyPropertyChanged ?
  35. Serialize DependencyObject : it’s easy !
  36. MVVM – Creating ViewModel : wrap your business object (solution 1 of n).
  37. WPF – catch events even if they are already handled
  38. Use AttachedProperties to add behaviors to the components (Ramora pattern)
  39. Les nouveautés de WPF 4.0
  40. How to scale around a specific point and not the center of the Element
  41. I am a WPF Technology Specialist !
  42. Tips: increase performances when using D3DImage in WPF
  43. Ambient, diffuse, emissive and specular colors : some examples
  44. GUI to NUI : representations and manipulation of OLAP data in 3D
  46. XAML to PNG converter… (redirect)
  47. XAML to PNG converter…
  48. Write text inside an image: add a poster to add it in your Mogre Scene
  49. Use dataBinding and DependencyProperty with a non-WPF or extern object
  50. Calculate the real difference between two angles, keeping the correct sign
  51. Use a screenshot of a WPF visual as a texture in Mogre.
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