Windows 8 tips: fast access to an app.


Today I was talking with my friend Etienne Margraff – also know as Emmanuel – (blog and twitter)and I told him how boring and time-consuming it was to press Win+F to access the search screen on my windows 8 application. Two fingers are too much for me !

Then he gave me a very useful tip to gain in productivity: instead of pressing Win+F, just press the Win key and start typing the name of the app you seek. The search screen will then appear by magic displaying the found results 🙂

The search screen in Windows 8 !
The search screen in Windows 8 !

This is in fact the behavior of Windows 7 start menu but I forgot it :-s ! Maybe because of all this flashy metro tiles !



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  1. Anonymous

    15/09/2011 19 h 19 min

    during the keynote it was also mentioned that you could just start typing without pressing any 'windows' key ?! can you confirm?

    • jmix90

      15/09/2011 19 h 22 min

      Hello anonymous 🙂 : You can effectively start typing to launch the search but only when you are inside the start menu. (pressing the win key actually launch it and confirms this behavior )

  2. Anonymous

    15/09/2011 19 h 40 min

    I need to install Windows8 as well 🙂 sounds really cool.

    I picked this one up from Twitter

    from @rschu:
    I guess I’m missing something here. How can I get the Program Menu on the Win8 desktop? Clicking on the Win logo changes to Metro.

    @andrejt: @rschu start typing the name of the app or just press a and backspace (delete). The app list should appear.

    That mentions the behavior i’m referring to, but that seems to work from the win8 desktop, not from the metro view.

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